10 benefits of reading books

Remember when did you last read a book? Are the books sidelined because of some new tech habits such as reading news papers, twits or the Facebook news feed updates ?? But what is the big deal not to reading the books, you will be missing huge number of benefits, but I would like to share some of the real benefits of reading books.

1 Reduces Stress

Stress has become part of our life. But no matter how much stress you're having at work, in relationships, or many other problems faced in everyday life, when you will read the book or a Novel then you can see your mind shifts gears and take you away from your worries and tensions. Reading a nice calm story can calm you down and relax and revitalize your mind. Book is really a great stress buster.

2. Knowledge machine

Books are source of knowledge no matter what type of book you are reading. Every time you read a book it fills your head with new bits of information and keeps your knowledge updated. The more knowledge you have, you are better equipped to face any challenge will ever be addressed. Books allows us to advance in a better life by regularly updating ourselves with the world.

3. Vocabulary bank

The more you read, the more you have balance in your vocabulary bank. People sometimes do not have proper words to say, but if you have powerful vocabulary then you have the confidence to talk. Articulate and eloquent is very helpful in any profession, and knowing that you can talk to the above with confidence a huge boost to your self-esteem. It can even help in career, as those who are well-read, well-known, and knowledge on various topics promotions are faster (and more often) than those with a smaller vocabulary and lack of awareness of literature, general knowledge and social awareness.

4. Personality Development

Reading books builds your self confidence. Reading auto biographies or self help books can help you in many aspects of personality development such as time management, decision making and speaking skills.

5 Sharp Memory
When you read the book, you have a lot of characters, their backgrounds, ambitions, suspense as well as various arcs and sub-plots contrive their way through each story to remember. This is a fair bit to remember, but the brain is invaluable, and I remember these things with relative ease. Interestingly, each new memory creation establishing new brain pathways and strengthening existing ones to help in short-term memory recall, as well as refresh moods.

6 Improved focus and concentration
In this internet world we are all busy paying attention to million different directions at a time and many tasks each day. In one compartment of five minutes, the average person will divide his time between working on a task, checking email, chatting with numerous people, keep an eye on Twitter, playing with smartphone and getting in touch with colleagues. These things only increase the stress and reduces productivity. When you read a book, all your attention is focused on the book, rest of the world just falls away and you can immerse yourself in every small details can absorb. If you reading 15 minutes before the work then you can see the results straight away.

7 Improved communication skills

It is directly proportional to amount of vocabulary bank you have, it helps in all types of communication or interaction whether they are speaking or writing skills. Exposure to published, well-written work is known to impact on their self writing, and observing the rhythm, flow and writing styles of other writers will always affect their own type of work. Non native speakers with increased vocabulary can use the words in right context which helps in improving the both speaking and writing skills.

7 Improved focus and concentration
In our world, the Internet-crazed, attention in a million different directions at a time when many tasks each day. In one compartment of five minutes, the average person will divide his time between working on a task, checking email, chatting with several people (through Gchat, Skype, etc.), keep an eye on Twitter, monitoring their smartphone and contacts with colleagues. This type of ADHD-like behavior causes stress level increases and decreases our productivity.

8 Peace
Now a days people are searching for the peace. But in addition to the relaxation that accompanies read a good book, it is possible that the topic you read about can bring great inner peace and tranquility. Reading spiritual books can reduce blood pressure and bring great peace of mind. When reading self-help books showed, people suffering from anxiety disorders and some mild mental illness helped them a lot.

9 Decreased boredom

Whenever you get bored, book always comes to rescue. Reading the book of your choice can change your mood and energy levels. Books can entertain you, improve your skills is the added benefit to the decreased boredom. Reading books also provides exercise to the brain which is required to keep your brain healthy and active.

10 Inexpensive entertainment

Books now a days available in heavy discounts everywhere. Now a days e books are also available which are cheaper than conventional books. You can even get the used books from the book store. So books are great source of inexpensive entertainment.

Whatever your interest is whether it is a classic literature, biographies, science, historical or any other, take a book and start reading. Take a break from computer and explore the sea of knowledge through the book and begin to experience benefits of reading the book as mentioned in this article.
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  1. Life will become dull and dreary affair if we don't have reading habit. Nice write with tons of info.